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We All Make Mistakes

I used to hate making mistakes. I was ashamed of them and certainly, it wasn’t something I could talk about. Maybe it was the imposter syndrome, dyslexia etc, ‘I’ felt a mistake enough! So it’s taken a while (I think age helps), but I am really quite comfortable now with the whole fucking up situ! If only I’d known how good they are for progress, I’d have stopped giving myself such a hard time.
Mistakes are truly a gift. They honestly help you discover who you truly are. With every mistake we make, we discover more and more about ourselves. We learn more about who we are, our limits and our capabilities. It helps us understand how to handle them better, how to react next time.
I now look at my career and I search for what I did wrong, I look for the flaws in my day. But then there are some clangers that just come along and really mess with any equilibrium! But I have learnt that I have to become friends with that awful feeling. That it’s exactly when the stomach is flipping that actually change, learning, progress (all that good stuff) will be a result of this wretched feeling.
One of the things I have honed is hopefully (def not always perfect) is how to react when your disaster is unfolding. I think the key is to own it fully. Take it, be polite, calm but sincerely sorry. Allow heated debate, even shouting and nastiness and if you keep your composure and keep your brain ? ticking along with solutions – then you can ride the emotive waves. I can tell a great deal about who I am dealing with, by how they handle their own mistakes. I have the greatest respect for those who put their hands up, allow for heat and then soldier on.
And out of a mistake and sharing it on Conversations of Inspiration@nicolarowlands was inspired to make these amazing mistake correctors! I think this is the first product inspired by our inspirational conversations! Thank you, dear Nicola XX Wonder, if any more will be coming out thanks to our podcast over time…just so exciting!?

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