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“We Are All Stories”

Stories are our earliest sciences, a kind of people physics! And every culture bathes their children in stories to explain how the world works and to engage and educate their emotions. And actually, during our journey through life, we absorb stories as if we are eternal children.

I was reflecting on the amazing Frida exhibition yesterday and the almost unnoticed pivotal role stories play in our lives. Through Frida’s story you learnt about not only her strengths and her life, but the Mexican Communist Party, the political movement in the US headed by Leon Trotsky and the mood around Stalinist forces and their impact in the world to name a few.

Okay, a bit heavy I know for first thing on a Sunday morning, but through her story, we learnt about the periphery of life. The undertones, the morals and vibe and so much more. We learn about history, in a way that makes it all come to life.

So, when you think our kids will tell stories about us, or how we tell stories of our grandparents and the war – we are educating through one’s experiences. And so if the only thing that’s left are stories, what will be ours? We need to make sure they stand the test of time, that they are ‘full’ and that they possibly educate the future.

What are your political views or generally what do you believe in? Do you show up? Would someone mention these beliefs if they were telling your story? How would they bring your ‘look’ to life in a tale? Is it un-noteworthy? Would someone barely be able to fill a page, or are you a novel? I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that Harry’s children are eager and enthralled when he tells my story.

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