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What do you do with a great idea?

Okay, so maybe you’ve had a brilliant idea… but what do you do next?! They sit in our minds, sometimes clogging things up. Or they’re so powerful, they stop us in our tracks! Here are a few tips:

  • Ask a Question: When you get a new idea for your business, the first question to ask yourself is if the idea, will actually help you reach the goals you have? I know obvious, but so many times we have good ideas, but they’re outside the direction we’re traveling. Be careful not to get distracted!
  • Refine, Refine, Refine: Ideas need to pass your own smell test. If the questions above exposed a flaw, then it’s time to either fix the issues or scrap the idea altogether. Don’t force it.
  • Timings: I have this ALL the time! Sometimes you have a great idea that’s just too premature to advance your current goals! If you know in your heart of hearts, it’s great, but for your FUTURE – create a ‘My Future’ notepad, scribble in and leave it there!
  • Work Though it: Many good ideas that make it to the ‘follow-through stage’ still turn into bad ideas, due to poor management of this precious thought, insufficient resources, or unrealistic expectations! Be careful with it. It will be rough, maybe back to front! Others might not get it – that’s okay! Tend to it, with delicate hands and let it grow naturally.
  • Thumbs Up: Set yourself a time, to evaluate this specimen. Once it is matured and you are really happy, share it with your nearest and dearest. Do you know the audience? Do your own mini research group. With wine and crisps!
  • Birth: This is what I call a launch. Set a date, for when you would like this idea to enter the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s next year, just plan the right timings, so you can give it everything you succeed.

Hope that this has helped, in some way look at ideas as a process and how to cultivate, the very best. I wish you lots of them!

Image by @allfortheboys

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