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Holly & Co

What is Holly & Co?

Time for me to be honest about something. Quite often, I hear people quite frustratedly asking just exactly what is it we do here. Who are we, who are we for? Why is it that people have this burning desire to define things with labels? Why do we always have to be placed into pre-existing boxes, rather than being something brand new?

Well, allow me to put into words, why we’re here. Holly & Co inspires, advises, supports and cheerleads. We consult, rebrand, reimagine and renew. We’re the ultimate cheerleaders for small business, a small but skilled team of passionate people who want to help others be the best, most colourful versions of themselves.

I wanted to create a truly immersive brand, with lots of customer touch points; from a shop you can come an eat, drink, shop and experience everything small business, a business pharmacy that advises and demystifies jargon, to social platforms we update daily, with advice, inspiration and creativity. I want to create a place where weaknesses are celebrated as much as strengths, to build a community where people can truly find their tribe. Holly & Co is the golden thread that weaves throughout, tying our brand together.

I created Holly & Co to balance the yin and yang, to take the big business out of small, but still be able to apply the important learnings where they fit. I want to use my 15 years of running companies and being a CEO to benefit others, as much as my experience of being an independent on the high street.

Not led by transient trends, we follow a vision that celebrates the talent, craft and integrity of small businesses, so that we’re able to help where we’re needed most. We’re here to create a place where weaknesses are celebrated as much as strengths; where you can be your whole creative self, nurture your skills and allow your business to blossom.

Do you know what the best part of this is? We’re only just beginning. We’ve only just begun to scratch the colourful surface of our hopes and aspirations, and I mean it with every ounce of my being, when I say that I cannot wait to share it all with you.

For those who were unsure, I hope this helps to clarify things a little more. We’re here for you – the dreamers, dabblers and doers, the right side of the brainers. Welcome to your new tribe XX


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