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What makes you happy?

Now and again, I enter a period of my life where I feel insanely happy. Now, it could be that I’ve just had a week away with the boys, the first break in over a year, so I’m sure this overwhelming feeling I’m experiencing is just the result of taking some time out!

But, it seems like there’s more to it than that. It feels like something amazing is around the corner; and rather than sensing that terrible feeling of gloom, when you’re sure something bad is about to happen, it’s quite the opposite. I think I’ve hit on Holly & Co’s future and that’s a very reassuring feeling to have. If I’m honest, it’s totally blowing my mind, because I know it’s right. 

I’ve missed my team, who are all wonderful individuals. The mammoth project (anyone who has been through this will totally get what I mean!) of renovating my home, has finished after seven months of hell! Anyway, this post is about being happy; being happy in life, but also understanding the lesson that if something makes you happy, do more of it.

Perhaps the fact I’ve discovered Holly & Co’s future and that it is so utterly in my sweet spot, is testament to this beautiful stitching of truth. It sounds so simple, but the path of least resistance is often the one of happiness, success and abundance. By this, I mean travelling the road of your true passions and talents. Working feels like breathing, effortless and easy; ideas and inspiration flow freely and you sometimes have to stop yourself, to appreciate just how lucky you are.

I wish you all the courage to look at where you are today, take these words and make them real! Are you travelling on your path of least resistance? What makes you happy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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