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How to find your Diamond

We want to help everyone find their special skill, talent or strength and the value that lies within that, within them – their own diamond!

We firmly believe that everyone (yes, everyone!) has a unique, amazing ‘thing’ within them but when you’re feel stuck in a rut, un-inspired and bogged down with the day to day it can be difficult to see what that is.

So, if you’re at that “but where do I begin?!” stage, make yourself a cup a tea grab a pen and find a quiet spot, because it’s time to take a moment to write down the things that make you, you!

Fill in your diamond with your talents and passions! What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning? What always makes you smile? What are people always complimenting you on? What do others believe is your Mastermind subject? 

Within the culmination of these things lies your diamond. The unique combination of natural talent, passion and interest that makes you the only person who can monetise that exact idea!

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