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When is it right to write?

A few years ago, I was encouraged to put finger to key and write. The thought of actually doing this terrified me. Having dyslexia and being told I couldn’t write, all my life, meant that the walls I’d built around this whole subject were very high. It was through this that I also realised how folk can make areas of life feel like they’re exclusive, only for the elite.

What I mean, is for those who could write, they had a funny way of making you feel that writing was a club. Unless you had the right ticket, you weren’t getting in. This only enhances fears, and so it’s no wonder I thought I couldn’t ever write, let alone love it!

What’s wrong in writing being full of grammatical errors? Getting commas in the wrong spot, or those fucking apostrophes! Nothing, as long as you have the desire to learn a new skill and become better at it. You have to work at a muscle for it to become stronger. This post no doubt has errors, but I wouldn’t not want to write it. I look at things I’ve written from two years ago, and I now correct my own grammar and punctuation. Who would have thought!

So, if today you fear the written word, don’t! Try it out and don’t give a shit about your mistakes. Ask someone you trust to look over it and learn for the next time. I can’t tell you how good it feels to write. So many creatives don’t, for lots of reasons, and actually, it’s those with an athletic right-side of the brain who should! ✏️


This book, by the way, is brilliant! Ridiculously funny and actually very helpful for those who aren’t completely confident with their grammar.


  1. Naomi O'reilly

    I've dyslexia too... I'm 38 and only found out 5 years ago.... answered sooo much for me. You can't care otherwise we wouldn't do x

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