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Where Would I Be Without You ?

I was lucky enough to welcome a new member of the team this week. Not that you rehearse what you’re going to say but I started to tell them what it was like to work for Holly & Co – the vibe, the culture and just, the way we all work. I described the ‘work family’ and how this is definitely more than a 9-5.  How to expect the messages about needing help within our shops at the weekends, how we will cheer on each other’s children in their school ceremonies, that it basically is a ‘lifestyle’ choice rather than just a pure career. On the flip, I work all day every day to make sure that our journey is extraordinary, never the same and deeply meaningful.
As a small business you don’t have buckets of cash you don’t have all the perks, you don’t have a 9-5…so you need to make sure you build a world your team are proud of. That they believe in more than the utilitarian aspect of the role. You give what the ‘big boys’ can’t throw around, you offer what really only ‘small’ can…the depth of relationship, care, meaning, loyalty and trust.  So many people want to ‘feel’ in their role, so never be too scared to go ask someone who is in a corporate life if they want to join – it might just be the life raft that they’re looking for! Why not tag someone in this morning, who you couldn’t live without.

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