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Why should we care about the milk we drink?

One of the powers of being a small business is you can be dynamic and that means, you’re able to support things you believe in, without it taking forever to bed in!

A few months ago we were chatting amongst ourselves, here, beyond the gold door and I heard something that changed everything I thought I knew about the dairy industry. The team spoke about a documentary called ‘Cowspiracy’, which is about how we treat cows in this country. British dairy farmers produce 11 billion litres of milk each year, but no one is really talking about the true cost this high consumption is having on the welfare of our British dairy cows. Have you ever even questioned how cheap milk is? How can it be that cheap?

The documentary, the true story, is so harrowing we won’t go into it here, but if you do decide to watch it, please be warned it’s very tough viewing.  But safe to say, that dairy cows are being treated so incredibly inhumanely. We genuinely believe, if everyone knew the true cost of the high demand for milk, firstly we’d call the RSPCA and secondly we’d all be consuming dairy products much more consciously.

So after hearing this and knowing we (The Work/Shop) order a great deal of milk, it was time to make a change. But how? Enter the small business to (as ever!) to save the day! Our mission to find a milk supplier, that held the same views and values as us, led us to find The Estate Dairy. An incredible collective, founded by Shaun Young and Rebecca Young, who believe in treating their premium milk with respect.


They pay such close attention to the cow’s nutrition, as their diet contributes heavily to the flavour of the dairy.  Their unique farming system yields a high protein milk that deserves to be as unprocessed as possible.To best preserve their dairy’s goodness the milk is unhomogenised. They use sustainable agricultural methods which produces high quality dairy products whilst safekeeping the natural beauty of the countryside and maintaining a healthy habitat for wildlife.  In short, their milk tastes amazing, their cows are happy, they are doing good in the world. You can follow them on instagram @theestatedairy




So we’re passionate about changing the world and doing good here at Holly & Co – we thought we’d cleberate and educate people about happy cows and humane milk production with the Estate Dairy. For starters, it now means, when you have a coffee with us, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are drinking milk from happy cows and that they’ve been treated humanely and kindly.  They’re enjoying their lives in the great British outdoors.


And yes, it means our cost is higher, but we feel so passionately about this cause, we’ve absorbed the additional cost and our prices have remained the same for all our customers. In return though, we’re asking a small favour of our customers and any of our community.


What’s happening at the Work / Shop? 

Spread the word, it’s important.

We might be a small, single shop in St Margarets, but remember, “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

To celebrate milk week we’ll be doing lots of exciting things to support this mission.

  1. A special milk & cookie combo will be served in a beautiful milk bottle with a lovely cow straw!

  2. We’ll also have lovely ‘exclusive’ little ‘cow pops’ for sale.

  3. There will be a children’s colouring competition to encourage our mini workers to be creative – Colour The Happy Cow. With the best one, winning a free ‘cow pop’!

  4. And, of course, the shop will go a little ‘udderly’ mad… so come and have a peek if you can!


  1. Crafty Birdie

    We have kept off cows milk for approx 10 years now by converting to oat, almond or goats milks. The Cowspiracy film is Indeed a real eye opener for all animal lovers, so it's great to see companies putting animal welfare before their profit margins.

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