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Why we change themes

If you’ve followed us for a while, I’m sure you’ll know by now that each month at Holly & Co, we change theme to celebrate a different creative industry or group of makers. It’s so important to us to be able to shine a light on these remarkable individuals, so that we might share their colourful talents with the wider world, and help people learn a little more about them in the process. We truly believe in the power of the story, and so each month, we do our best to share as many as we can.

We celebrate each new change both on and offline; the Work/Shop becomes the living, breathing embodiment of each theme; stocked to the brim with gorgeous products, tasty treats and books to inspire. The whole space physically changes each month to bring each celebration to life; the window is beautifully redressed, we redesign our living wall to inform and inspire, and of course, the fairy door gets a monthly makeover! 
Last year we celebrated traditional industries; from bakers and florists, to knitters and stationers. There were artists and artisans, a very creative summer and a festive celebration of the magic of supporting small. This year will be a different kind celebration, and we’re so very excited to share each one with you, as the months roll on.

January is all about ‘the dreamers’. Those who are yet to take the leap. So please do pop in (if you’re able to) and experience this theme for yourself, or head to the themes page on our website, where you can learn more about each month at Holly & Co.

Keep Dreaming X

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