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Work/life balance + summer holidays = ?!

Holiday time got me thinking about the sheer will, determination and utter patience required when running a small business and being a parent. What it takes to ‘win’ when you have children to entertain over the summer holidays.

The education system needs a shake up! Six weeks off over summer is a hangover from our agricultural heritage, where families enlisted the help of their children to pick fruit and farm the land. 150 years later and our kids have this time off, but why? The majority of children aren’t able to get involved with their parents work anymore. There’s no fruit to pick, no land to farm, no animals to tend to. Instead they’re spending their summer often forgetting what they’ve learnt that year, at no fault of their own.

I don’t see why we can’t bring the school timetable in line with our modern daily lives. Now, don’t get me wrong, spending time with Harry is always a joy, but organising the summer holidays, keeping him entertained, educated and engaged whilst running Holly & Co takes military precision.

This year, Harry decided to come to work with me over the break and I couldn’t be more proud, he’s even named himself ‘The Apprentice’! I think I’m one of the few that get to take the kid back to the metaphoric field.

This has been so special for me as he now truly understands my work day. So much so, the other day he came home utterly shattered and said “Bubba, you work SO hard, I don’t know how you do it and then come home and keep going with your ‘home’ work and my homework! You’re amazing”.

This is the first year that Harry has been mature enough to be involved in my work and I really do feel for all those small businesses out there, who’s little ones are too young. Trying to send out orders, post to social media, catch up on emails, prep for Christmas – the list goes on – whilst having their child asking to play with them every five seconds. Helping them cut up wooden vegetables, having endless cups of tea with the teddies, reading the billionth book of the day, or dressing the poor long-suffering dog up in summer outfits, just doesn’t help the working day!

Work/life balance goes totally haywire when the summer holidays arrive – what are your thoughts?



    I'm 100% in your camp with this one Holly - we urgently need to review the school summer holidays if small business are to thrive and survive!

  2. Claire Krier

    So true such a challenge in the summer holidays!

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