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Work Life Balance

Is there such thing as balance? 

I was once given some advice that has stayed with me forever. If you run your own business, you have three things in your life: your business, your family and yourself. You can only ‘do’ two of these at any stage of time and so guess what or who, never quite features.

Now, this is fine for a period of time but then suddenly you start feeling ‘self neglect’. A burn out feeling, angry with the world and no ability to switch off. Arguments increase at home, you become snappy with your work colleagues and find yourself shattered in bed, but still glued to a screen! When this happens you have to (have to!) reboot.

You have to firstly accept that this ‘rule of three’ is a fact and you’ll be in this position again sometime soon. So, now you know this, you know your warning signs, all that’s left to do is recognise a ‘reboot’ situation.

For me ‘reboot’ is taking just six hours off. Far shorter time than it sounds. I go for a two hour walk, listening to Adele’s new album – who isn’t? I then eat a good wholesome brekkie, as I know I feel better when I feed myself goodness. I’ve pre-warned people I need this time and that I’m unavailable. They respect it as they know I’m at my best when I feel my best and fully support it. I then go to bed. I put on my slouchy clothes, tuck myself up in my beautiful big knit blanket and switch on a movie. I drink two litres of water, read and allow myself to drift off whenever I need to. I then get up and give myself a good talking to. I tell myself how incredibly lucky I am to have my life. Where I control my own destiny. I feel so blessed, as others only dream of a life like this.

The myth of work and life balance is just that. Remember the ‘rule of three’ and learn that you are allowed to ‘reboot’. These two lessons have changed my life.

Do share your thoughts on work/life balance in the Community; how do you manage? What are your tips?

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