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Working from home

Today is my ‘working from home’ day. I try to do this once a week, so that I can take time to think clearly. If possible, I leave the big things on my list to the day I’m able to really focus on them; at home, coffee in hand, favourite music on, looking out of my window onto the garden, with Mr Mudley usually under my feet! Here he is looking through our garden gate – how can you not love that face?

I prefer to have ‘my day’ on a Friday, so that I can take stock of what’s happened in that week, and plan for the next. It’s an opportunity to look at the things that were achieved, those that weren’t, and why. ‘Power days’ like this often allow me to get two days work done in one, because I’m in ‘the zone!’ Do you take days or time to do this? What do you find works well to help you focus?

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