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World kindness day

Happy World Kindness Day!

I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of thinking kind thoughts that, somehow, don’t quite materialise into kind actions. Running out of time, puff and ability to prioritise non essentials.

Yesterday, I dedicated the whole day to being kind to my son. I took him to the Harry Potter Studios, we listened to his fav music there and back. For lunch he could pick anything he wanted and the avo was then spent doing whatever he wanted. That consisted of Monopoly, help with homework (!), finishing off some pages in his new business idea and then…watching his first 15! Being kind felt really good.

From the idea of sending flowers to your friend who just got a new job, cooking a special meal for your partner ?, that fun day out that you promised your little one, to writing a letter to your dearest friend who’s struggling at the moment.

I’ve made a vow to make more time for kindness from now, because the smallest actions can have the biggest effects. I think to my own low times and how the tiniest gestures from others have the ability to make the sun shine on what would have been very dark days.

Whether on world kindness day, or any other day, are there any kind thoughts that you need to put into action? 

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