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Worry about Being Remembered

Eleanor said this brilliant line on the podcast this week and it’s been playing in my mind ever since. Even more so, now she’s immortalised it in beautiful flouro pink letterpress!

To stand out you must sometimes be brave enough to take a risk or two in order to break through, in an often saturated market.

It’s why we go to such lengths to change the @hollyandcoworkshoptheme every month. Why our events are unashamedly colourful and bold. Why I post here every day, openly and honestly discussing the highs and lows of running a business. Why I ask my podcasts guests to write a letter to their younger self and encourage them to dig deep and be vulnerable.

I encourage everyone, business owners or not, to take five minutes and think to themselves, where am I holding back? What great ideas or plans do I have that have great potential if only I were bold enough to put them out into the world?

If you’re operating in a saturated market, such as retail, think how much it takes for you to be impacted when you walk into a shop… then take a step back and think- would your shop do that to you?

In my podcast with Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company, Chrissie said that even when an idea is good she will say ‘That’s great, but how can we be better?’ Where can you push something that little bit further, to take it from good to great? How can you go the extra mile to stand out and shock the pants off people!

Food for thought!

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