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You Are Not Alone

This week I received a card from a woman. She wrote so beautifully and shared so much. She described how tough the journey was to get her self to our Congregation. That the battle she was fighting was crippling anxiety and depression. The journey to get her there mentally was like treacle. She told me how the thought she was pondering as she got to the entrance of the church was if her two young children would be better off without her.

She found the event all it was meant to be from a business pov, but the card she wrote to me, was to thank me for something else. Because at that event, it sparked “a little hidden away candle inside of me, a warmth I hadn’t felt for years”. She realised that she could have a purpose, she could change her situation and she could, most importantly, ask for help.

Back in therapy, with a new direction on her horizon, she wants to inspire her babies and show them that the impossible is possible. She wrote “without sounding dramatic, you and your team picked me up, dusted me down, lit my true north start. I’ll be eternally grateful”

I cry each time I read her card and I’ve put it in my notebook and it will be travelling with me always. It has touched my soul and the souls of my entire team. We’re all working so hard right now and trying to pull off our own inpossibles. With yesterday and today at my desk a necessity and feeling a little down for that, just writing this post and sharing her story, has lifted me.

She finished off with a quote by @shondarhimes “Making it through the glass ceiling to the other side, was simply a matter of running on a path created by every other woman’s footprints’

So anyone out there who is battling depression and all that comes with it. Please do know that you’re not alone. Even if you are closing all doors consistently, those that love you will keep knocking. Because everything you are is important to us. The world needs to know who you are because we will all be better off for it. Thank you to the lady who had the courage to write and the spirit to follow her north star.

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