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You Are Not Alone

We all feel alone sometimes. We can feel alone even in a crowded room, where smiles and noise surrounds us. Feeling alone also doesn’t have to be the ‘Alanis Morissette’ version, where the world goes dark, it can also be a sense you carry around with you for periods of your life. Certainly running your own gig, can make you feel this way and so I wanted to touch on few points that might help:

  1. You are not alone in being alone – so many of us are fighting the exact same battles alongside you. We’re all in this together.  So no matter how embarrassed or pathetic you feel, know there are others experiencing the same emotions. Reach out.

  2. Sometimes you need to be alone – not to be lonely, but to enjoy a little alone time in just being yourself/finding your way. We need solitude, because when we’re alone we’re detached from obligations and no show required. We can hear our own thoughts and what our intuition is telling us. Don’t be scared.

  3. Be a little lost, to find what you’re looking for – in realising you’re lost, it can be the first steps to living the life you want. It’s a horrible feeling but be determined to make the changes you need to.

  4. In every situation, YOU choose your attitude – be determined to be positive.  A happy person is not a person who’s always in the best place, but rather they’re a person who always has a good attitude in every situation. Don’t punch me, but smile the hell out of life!

Talk to someone who cares, even about the fact you feel lonely. You’ll be so surprised at how we’ve all been there. Remember, being alone does not mean you’re lonely, and being lonely does not mean you’re alone. No matter what’s happening, just fight the battles of today. It’s only when you add the battles of yesterday and tomorrow, that life gets overwhelmingly complicated. Just one day at a time, just today – right now.

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