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You Are What Are You Listen To

You are what you listen to! Even though a funny statement, I think it’s quite true. I only have to think back 4 yrs ago and I’d never listened to a podcast. Actually, the whole idea really didn’t appeal. I mean when possibly would I have an hour to myself? Then Gabi started to listen to Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations and seeing as we were working in my back bedroom together, that was it. The power of the podcast started to be realised.
Fast forward and now I consume them, I love them and I have one! And without a doubt, it’s not only one of the things I’m most proud about building, but for me personally, it’s been a revelation of skill (I hope!) I didn’t realise I had. It’s been the most magical journey and feels so natural. But on top of it all, I get to be the luckiest person out there! I have 1-2-1 time with the most outstanding humans and where my role is to help them tell their story. I think if I had to choose my love in life, it would be shining a light on people and their marvellousness. And I get to call it a job!
But like anything, fuck me it’s hard work! Not for the faint-hearted as it’s all about the quality. But every drop of anxiety, logistics, booking guests, travelling the country, records and re-records (of my bits!) is worth it.
I heard that Dolly Parton is about to release a podcast – can not wait! And there are so many amazing audio delights out there. A few of my favourites are Brexitcast + You, Me and The Big C + Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations + Homo Sapiens + Have You Heard George’s Podcast + Happy Place + Dessert Island Discs + Oprah’s Master Class + Guilty Feminist. What do you listen to, what you’d add to the list? What are your favourites?

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