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You can’t pour from an empty cup

My dearest friend happened to say ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup, Holly’, and it’s one of those things that stuck, so I’ve been thinking –

  • Mentally: I thought about how many things I’m (and anyone else at the same stage) are juggling at the moment, starting a new startup. I just had to sit myself down and take a really ‘deep breath’ and have a good chat with myself, about keeping sane! At least 6 days a week, christ knows how many hours a day and even though I’d not stop it for the world, it’s mentally exhausting.

  • Emotionally: If you’re a giver, the feeling of being ‘emotionally fatigued’ is overwhelming. The ‘empty cup’ scenario is actually (as someone who gives a lot) something that rocks your inner core. You don’t like ‘not to give’ and so it’s important to only give to the ‘radiators’ and not the ‘drainers’. I remind myself – if my ‘giving’ were gold coins and I only had 10, I’d need to choose wisely.

  • Intellectually: Groundhog day, doesn’t help us move forward. It feels good to just keep going, spin that 100th plate and collapse with wine at 9 pm. But, in order to keep alive soulfully it’s so important we push ourselves to move our brains and spirit forward too. We need to bring our experiences to others (as the battery of your enterprise) and that means stimulating your inner core. So, I’ve enrolled on a couple of evening classes, bought a piano (heaven help Frank!) and have planned a ‘day out’ once in the 7 days, to better the ‘grey cells’ and charge others.

  • Physically: I noticed by Thursday morning this week, I was crawling to work and knew I’d need to sort my energy levels out! If I was going to make it to the finish line, something needs to change. I work well with challenges, so enrolled into a 10K (October 1st – miles away!) and bought myself another step counting gadget! Filled the counter with the vitamins, green powders and got the juicer out of the utility room (again). Remember Holly – If I charge my core, however hard it is, I’ll keep going longer. When my battery is dead, I deplete quickly.

Sharing these thoughts with love, and the hope that none of us see the bottom of the cup any time soon.

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