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How to build the future

“I hate experts, they give you all the reasons not to do something”. I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear Henrietta say those words on the podcast this week!!

Too often I see small businesses lose their diamond, their essence, and it’s often as they grow and reach a point where they’ve consulted an ‘expert’ in whatever field – marketing, product development, brand, etc. – and have taken the advice of that expert as gospel because, well, they’re an expert, so of course!

Please stop – really look at your business, drill into its core, pinpoint the things that make it successful and give it purpose and potential… what ties them all together? YOU. The founder. Because no one will ever be a better expert on your business than you! You dreamt it up and created it, you know every single thing about it, you saw the vision of what it should be. And you can’t teach that, or even download that, to an ‘expert’ in a way that will make them ever know your business better than you. (Note: yes experts are good later on when you need specific maturer skills that you’ve identified YOU’VE identified you need – accounts, web designing, research, PR etc)

Naivety though is truly a blessing when building a business, in fact, I think I want to rename it, as that can be seen as a negative word… by naive I mean the hope, positivity and ‘can-do’ approach you only have when you have no choice but to do everything yourself. When you have to be the brand, tech, creative and marketing departments… every avenue is open, because you aren’t weighed down by past failures or successes. And by doing things in a creative way, and not just doing it that same way as those before you, is where exciting newness comes from. Just because an idea was the right path for Tom, Dick or Harry, doesn’t mean it will always be right for everyone else! It’s not a one size fits all plan. Actually, genius is when it’s exactly the opposite!

As Henrietta put it, “You can’t build the future if you just do what’s been done before”.

So stay curious, and know that you’re the absolute pinnacle of expertise for your business!

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