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You Got This

It’s such a distant memory when Christmas was anything but the most unbelievable ball breaking time of year! I’m not talking about my diary or workload, I’m referring to all those small businesses who’s hands are bleeding, thumbs are blistered and backs are broken. The micro businesses, where this time of year means everything to them, but also takes everything from them. There’s no choice, but to give it everything, accept all the orders and make every customer happy because this is the make or break season.

So if you’re one of those small businesses – know you’re not alone and that you’re part of a community who feel your pain. Who too are tanked up to the eyeballs in adrenalin as much as you are! Take comfort in being part of this tribe who if you’re listening hard enough, are shouting ‘you got this’ through the daze of insomnia!

I know it’s tough and it’s only going to get tougher, thanks to Christmas coming so last minute (thanks Jeff!) but know I believe in you and you’ll do what it takes. And just think how proud of yourself you’ll be on Xmas day when you’re tucking into the tenth mince pie ? (due to how much energy you expelled in the run-up!), fingers wrapped in plasters, sore feet in oversized slippers, but with a smug small business look on your face! You got this x

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