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You’re exactly where you need to be

You come across so many quotes, sayings and thoughts nowadays, but some literally stop you in your tracks.

Quotes like this only make sense if you believe in this whole ‘there is something bigger than us’ thing. That feeling or force that people find hard to articulate. Some call it religion, some spirituality, some destiny, some astrology, some the dots, some science and mathematic or probability. Whatever it is, it’s the realisation that our life seems, for whatever reason, to know where to go and what to do next.

We all get so worked up and occasionally into an almost panic attack mindset, where we need to control it all. We feel this compelling need to know exactly what the next chapter will be. I’m almost frustrated that the ‘Crystal Ball’ hasn’t been Apple’s new shiny device!

I was this person and I’m happy to say, I gave in. I tried to control the future, each step of it, to be frank. Be it machines or giants, nothing scares me and I’m not one to run away from hard work or doing the right thing, but I was on the verge of breaking. I realised, however hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to change life’s magnetic forces.

So now in all honesty, right down to the last atom in my body, I’m listening to life now.  I’m lying on my back, eyes closed and floating in the ocean of life. I’m not struggling or trying to swim against the current anymore. I’m exactly where I’m meant to be, in my glittery trainers, of course!

Anyone else feel the same? Had the same journey? Not quite there yet? Ready to give in to the universe?


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