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You Work Just As Hard As Beyonce

Last night – after suggestions from my team – I watched the new Netflix Beyonce documentary ‘Homecoming’ I was expecting an incredible show, great costumes, and some girl power… but what I wasn’t expecting was to watch the epitome of hard work and dedication for a cause.

The slick, world-class performance was mixed in with the sacrifices that she was making along the way. There was no pretending that she just snapped back into shape, there was no pretence that she was finding it easy with young twins or that she was effortlessly managing to find enough hours in her day to be a full-time mum and rehearse.

She ran a tight ship, was uncompromising and demanded perfection and hard work – but this wasn’t an egomaniac out of control… This was about representation, about celebrating the individual, building a tribe and championing women. With these sitting at the heart of what she was creating, she built a tight-knit group who were joining her on this journey – who too wanted to make their mark on the world and so worked hard and strived for perfection.

There is no shortcut to success, certainly not long term success, its fucking hard work… but if you have a vision at the core, you have a tribe around you (and take a pinch of Beyonce inspo with you along the journey) then success is just a matter of time… So, with the Beyonce playlist blaring in the office and my tribe working extraordinarily hard as we’re almost ready to open our doors to our first podcast live in London on Friday….I can’t wait to meet you. There won’t be any glitter leotards, wind machines or male backing dancers, but there sure will be a heap load of colourful inspiration!

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