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Your small business journey

We originally posted this last summer, but it proved to be so popular and so apt for dreamers month, that I thought it was perfect to share again.

Quite often, when we’re venturing into unchartered territory, things can get a little nerve wracking. When you’re faced with the unknown, it’s hard to know how to prepare; what will you need on this journey? What will the climate be like? Will there be big mountains to climb, or seas of doubt to sail? As a dreamer, you hold your idea as your true north, but the path to making that dream a reality can be daunting. 

The old saying goes, ‘by failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail’; so pick up your backpack, and fill it with goodness. Take a chain of courage, a helping of hope, a big pot of passion, and as many opportunities as you can muster. A packet of patience will help here, too. 

With your backpack full to the brim, and your dream as your north star, you’re all set to begin this journey. Use joy as your compass, and know that if you’re feeling it, you’re on the right path. Magic awaits…

Click here to download your own copy of ‘take what you need’. We’ve put some up outside the Work/Shop in the past, and they were all gone within the hour! You never know who’s day you may brighten, with a little courage, hope and faith.

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