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Your vibe attracts your tribe

No matter how self-sufficient we believe we are, the truth is, we all need a good support system, especially when pursuing a dream, purpose or calling in life. It’s only when we have ‘travelling companions’ as we journey towards our goals, that we’re able to reach our full potential in life. Fact.

I didn’t know this saying until a few years ago, but ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ has stayed ever since. What I’ve also realised, the only way to attract ‘your people’ is to be yourself. Your tribe members are the people who will just ‘get’ you. They’ll share in your interests, they’ll cheer you on when you succeed, and commiserate when you fail. The tribe will accept you, for who you are. They’ll be your support system, your cheerleaders, and will provide you with a sense of ‘belonging’ that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

So who should be in your tribe? They’ll be the ones who, when confronted with your independence, confidence, growth, courage, creativity and success, will say ‘I knew you had it in you’. Surround yourself with those dreamers, doers, believers and thinkers, who not only see all you have to offer, but encourage you to share it with the world.

Knowing who’s not in your tribe, is just as important. You know who they are, or your gut does. They’ll be the people who treat your success or dreams, with doubt, questions and a sense of unease. What they feel is either jealousy or maybe their inner voice of insecurity warning them of your potential success. I think, if we’re honest, the reason we all know that feeling is because shamefully, you’ve felt it too. These are not your tribe members.

The people who belong in your tribe are those where that feeling doesn’t exist. You wish them the world, you hope they’ll be as successful as possible and that they soar into their dreams. It just brings you huge joy to see their happiness bloom. And vice versa.

So make sure you’re nothing else but ‘you’, work out who’s in your tribe and who isn’t. If you want to travel fast, go alone, but if you want to travel far, go together.


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