Betsy & Els

Helen named her business after her two daughters, who spurred her on to follow her passion.  Betsy & Els is very much a family affair.  Built on some of Helen’s great loves, including her daughters, son and her dog Oscar.
After training in Fine Art and Graphic Design, Helen spent a large part of her career working in multi-discipline design.  With that under her belt, she soon followed her heart, and family, back home to their coastal town… and the rest, as they say, is history.

‘Designing and making has always been me. Its been my training and whole career but I decided to leave it all behind me and set out solo four years ago. Finding working on my own sometimes challenging I worked one a day a week in a local artisan florist shop. Whilst there the resident florist was leaving shortly after Valentines Day. All we had seen and worked with for days was red Roses, she was saying how her very favourite flower was the Daffodil but it made her sad of all the flowers to love so much she could only get her favourite just once a year.

So I bought a bunch of the lovelies, went home sketched and cut them out of wood with my laser, hand painted, wrapped them as a florist would and gave her the bunch as her leaving gift.

And so the ‘All-year-round Daffy-Down-Dilly’ was born and I’ve not stopped drawing and making everyone’s favourite flower since…thank you to my Lucy Flowers (as I call my florist friend) for sending me off in such a beautiful direction. And to make it even better she now work alongside me!’