Dave Buonaguidi – AKA Real Hackney Dave

Dave is a Hackney-based artist who combines the visual and verbal language of advertising and propaganda with unique imagery and materials of found objects and ephemera.

He employs a reactive approach to his art, using screen print and his bold typographic approach to push the boundaries of creativity and respond to cultural subjects and events in almost real time, as if a publisher going to print. Through his considered juxtaposition of known and unknown, he hopes to incite an emotional connection or reaction with the viewer.

Before becoming an artist, Dave worked in advertising for over 35 years, founding several creative agencies including St. Luke’s, 4Creative and Karmarama.

At 50, Dave quit his rat race job in the advertising industry to follow his dreams, rather than following the money. 

‘I thought I had about thirty summers left in this world and I wanted to use my time wisely doing what I love.’ 

His ‘money will follow’ note was one of the first pieces he made in his new role as an artist and the piece that made us instantly fall in love with Dave. Holly bought this note as a reminder to hang on the wall in her home and we’ve been stocking Dave’s work ever since.