Fearless Flamingo

Charlie is an illustrator and creator of prints and other little gifts for children. Her business journey started whilst pregnant with her third child.  She was looking for a way to rekindle some of the ‘pre-family’ her and the things she had once loved to do.
‘I drew constantly when I was at school but hadn’t felt inspired to touch a pencil or brush since. But now 20 years on I was missing that creativity. So I started to dabble once more, I revived my love of drawing and inspired by my kids and the conversations I was having with them, started creating prints with a focus on mindfulness and empowerment. Creating prompts to help spark conversations and nurture a positive mindset. And so the Alphabet of Emotions was born – an A to Z of positive, inspiring emotions and attitudes which started as a print and then into flashcards. The F became a Fearless Flamingo and that felt pretty synonymous with what I was about to embark on, so I settled on that as the name!’