Sarah Lawrence Jewellery

Sarah Lawrence has been designing, making, wearing, buying and selling jewellery for over twenty years. It is this extensive experience that has made Sarah Lawrence Jewellery what it is today.

“Like many people, my love of jewellery began when I was young and inspired me to follow my dream career. I have worked and exhibited in galleries across the UK and Europe and for eight years I ran my own shop whilst developing and teaching jewellery making classes at Colleges in Bradford and Leeds. Since then, family life has taken over and I now have a workshop in my home. I feel incredibly lucky to do something that I love every day and that I am able to manage it around being at home with my children.”

Holly was thrilled to collaborate with Sarah to create a unique product for her book, Do What You Love, Love What You Do. The Passion and Purpose keys necklace captures two things you need in bucket loads when you embark on your small business journey, doing what you love. Get your copy of the book here.