The Kindness Co-op

The Kindness Co-op is run by Lucie and Charlie, two Brighton & Hove based mums.  They had a desire to create a brand built purely around kindness towards each other (especially amongst children), ourselves and the environment. 

Both Lucie & Charlie have faced life changing illnesses – one mental and one physical, during which times they were shown enormous kindness and now it’s their turn to pay it forward.  

The garments are made from organic or recycled fabrics, the paper goods are made from recycled materials and the clothing is hand screen printed locally in Hove.  Sometimes they even pick the stock up by bike to keep their carbon footprint down!  

Lucie and Charlie were also keen to have a philanthropic element to the brand, so with every piece of own brand merchandise sold they make a donation to the wonderful charity that is YoungMinds.