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48. Alan Keery, co-founder of the Cereal Killer Cafe – Overcoming the naysayers & turning a niche concept into a global success

This week on Conversations of Inspiration Holly meets Alan Keery, co-founder of The Cereal Killer Cafe in their awe-inspiring cafe on Brick Lane.

From ignoring the naysayers when launching a niche business to gaining media attention from day one and dealing with a completely overwhelming media frenzy when they were targeted with attacks during the London riots, the Cereal Killer Cafe have been on an extraordinary journey in the last 4 years. They have now overcome that to be the feature of a London musical as well as scaling the business to have a global presence!

Recorded in an immersive cafe, where retail theatre is brought to life in the very truest sense of the word, Alan’s kindness, generosity and honesty with which he recounts the most difficult moments along the journey, make this podcast a fascinating listen.

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