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24th April 2019 61mins
Artists & Makers, Female Founders

Crafting a future doing what you love, with Alice Gabb, artist and illustrator

This week on Conversations of Inspiration, Holly meets Alice Gabb - a self taught calligrapher who now creates commissions for some of the UK biggest brands.

In this conversation, Alice shares lessons from her journey so far, the power of knowing your numbers, as well as the need for communities in this digital age. Alice's letter to her younger self is particularly powerful - and a must listen for any teenage girls in your life.

Alice started her small business selling hand printed fine stationery at Broadway Market, where she was voted ‘London’s Coolest Stall Holder’ which propelled her business forward.

One of the first to specialise in modern calligraphy in the UK , Alice’s expertise has grown and with her desire to pass on her skills and knowledge to others, now teaches workshops all over London and Europe, delivering in store experiences for brands such as Ted Baker and Boden.

Her recent trip to America discovered a passion for activism and social change, creating beautiful flags to spread hopeful messages, and is now shining through in all her work.

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