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India to Soho, the journey to fulfilment and happiness, with Asma Khan, founder of Darjeeling Express

Holly meets Asma Khan, founder of the restaurant Darjeeling Express.

An episode filled with spectacular advice and insight, Asma shares her early life experiences in India and how they shaped her journey to this point. Born a second daughter in India, Asma felt the intense impact of feeling unwanted which she now sees underpins her belief in using her business as a force for good and helping other women feel valued.

Asma has had an extraordinary journey, starting in India with an arranged marriage which subsequently saw her relocate to England, where she studied law and gained a phd. Despite academic success, Asma felt empty, lost and lacking her purpose in life, and so, she began cooking.

Here began the next chapter of her journey – from hosting supper clubs in her house and building a small female community around her, she garnered a huge following of loyal fans and was soon offered her own pop up in Soho. She employed the women in her close circle, to work there, where they soon quit their nannying, cleaning jobs to be chefs in her kitchen!

Today, Asma’s restaurant’s mission remains that of empowering women and taking a chance on women who are not trained chefs and giving them an opportunity in life to shine.

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