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March 29, 2021 59mins

Self belief and taking risks, with modern day ‘Journey Man’ Ben Fogle

Self belief, taking risks and a lust for finding the path less travelled defines this week’s Conversation of Inspiration with Ben Fogle.

With a successful TV career, a passion for the environment and more than 20 years of monumental global challenges, Ben’s life has been one of highs and lows, but the golden thread throughout has been his continued strive towards pushing outside of his comfort zone.

Ben speaks of how all his experiences have shaped him as a person, and how his aspirations to take on some of man's greatest feats and his unwavering passion for the wilderness, led him to living a life of colour and adventure. It’s a conversation that embodies Ben’s desire to live a rich and full life and one that explores the relationship between resilience, self-belief and achievement.

Trigger warning: discussion around the tragedy of stillbirth from 39min27sec to 42min17sec.

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