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May 30, 2022 72mins
Female Founders

Charlotte Tilbury MBE on the secret behind her billion dollar beauty empire

Dare to dream it, dare to believe it and dare to do it! That’s the motto of Charlotte Tilbury MBE — the makeup guru with the midas touch, a woman trailblazing a makeup revolution and empowering women through the transformative power it brings. As a British female entrepreneur and one of the most influential makeup artists of her generation, Charlotte Tilbury has distinguished herself as being a true creative visionary who has completely disrupted the beauty industry. And although ‘empowerment’ isn’t usually a word associated with it, Charlotte explains how her frustration with this market as a young woman, along with her unique understanding of what women want, has helped her to build a global brand that champions the face of beauty in a different way. Charlotte reveals what has always fuelled her determination to pursue her passion, and how practising manifestation, living in the future and giving people the opportunity to feel their most confident self, has allowed her to surpass her greatest dreams. As Charlotte says, “You have to believe the dream”, and this endless belief in her ideas, self and future are only a few reasons for her inspirational success. If you enjoyed this conversation, you might also enjoy Holly’s episode with Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown and Jones Road Beauty. This Conversations of Inspiration podcast episode is brought to you with support from Adobe Express. Enjoying listening to these unfiltered chats? Subscribe to Holly’s weekly newsletters, where she shares small business inspiration of all kinds, exclusive nuggets of wisdom from her and her guests, plus offers, creative ideas and topical, 'ungoogleable' business advice.

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