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15. Danielle Newnham & Natalie Bardega, founders of F equals – Putting Women At The Heart Of Business

This week, Holly meets founders of F equals, Danielle and Natalie. As twins, they were natural co founders and, 4 years into building their business, are going from strength to strength as they find themselves in a political landscape which is crying out for a brand such as F equals.

The company was founded when both sisters found themselves at a cross roads and decided to bring together their individual skills, expertise and belief, that women in business, were under represented. The F equals story is one of pure authenticity, with passion and purpose firmly at its heart.

A content company first and foremost, they have also found celebrity fans who’ve worn their T-Shirts; from Holly Willoughby to Thandie Newton. In a conversation ranging from feminism, to social media, the power of a brand name and how to balance free content with running a profitable business, Danielle and Natalie share with Holly some of the biggest lessons they’ve learnt during the early years of building their business.