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June 12, 2023 68mins

Taking on the soft drinks giants, and winning with wonky fruit, with Alex Wright and Jack Scott, founders of DASH Water

Meet Alex Wright and Jack Scott, founders of DASH Water, a soft drinks brand that is making a difference, one wonky lemon and one curly cucumber at a time. This episode is packed full of insights from two entrepreneurs who are on a mission to disrupt an industry and make an impact.

Growing up with farming backgrounds, both Alex and Jack saw first-hand the monumental waste of bruised and misshapen fruit and vegetables. Believing they could do things differently, they set about infusing their sparkling water with wonky fruit that would otherwise have gone to waste.

A certified B Corp, DASH Water is a brand that has disrupted the beverage industry, taking on the soft drinks giants and offering a new generation of customers a healthy and sustainable alternative.

Alex and Jack’s story is one of entrepreneurial passion and purpose and of how having strong core values and social responsibility within your business can not only keep you on track but can help you drive positive change in the world.

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