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January 31, 2022
Business For Good, Mental Health

From breaking mental health stereotypes to breaking records with Josh Patterson, Ultra Athlete, Broadcaster & Mental Health Campaigner

A tragic accident would set Josh Patterson on a different path and define his purpose for the rest of his life. But as he seeks to make change in the most extraordinary way, what happens when your formative years are captured for the nation to watch and dissect from their sofa?  

This week Holly speaks with Josh Patterson, formerly of Made in Chelsea fame and now an ultra athlete and mental health campaigner.  

His story is testament to the fact that we all have different chapters in our lives. We grow and evolve, and as a society it is crucial that we don’t seek to define an entire human through a short snapshot.

In this conversation, Josh speaks candidly about the anxiety he experienced, the battle with his own mental health and how when his best friend was involved in a tragic accident it changed the course of both their lives.

Sharing how harnessing the power of mental and physical resilience has shaped him into the person he is today and the crucial role that empathy plays in his life, Josh shares his vulnerabilities openly and honestly in this moving episode.

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