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26th November 2018 64mins
Co-Founders, Holly’s Picks, Iconic Brands

Turning business on its head, with Henry Dimbleby MBE, co-founder of LEON

This week, Holly meets Henry Dimbleby, co-founder of LEON. Sharing his journey from gossip columnist and business consultant to restauranteur, Henry discusses the importance of being a founder with purpose. He talks about his huge ambition from day one at LEON to build as a global brand, as well as how to navigate the difficult transition that is being a founder exiting a business. With entrepreneurial spirit in his blood, Henry was never going to sit back after handing over the reins, and his passion to change the world continues to drive him in his new projects, which he discusses with Holly. Throughout this interview Henry’s sense of humour shines through - including his life changing advice from Zena the Warrior Princess (!), and of course a brilliant letter to his younger self.

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