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June 13, 2022 58mins
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How we can choose to find light in the darkest of times, with Dr. Edith Eger, psychologist, author and inspirational survivor of the Holocaust

A story of strength and courage, this remarkable account is full of thought-provoking advice that will quite literally change your life. This conversation is truly going to make you reevaluate not only the way you live, but how you react, think, feel gratitude and express yourself, too.

“If I survive today, tomorrow I will be free.” These are the words of 16-year-old Edith Eger whilst imprisoned in the Nazi death camp, Auschwitz, in World War Two. Now one of the last Holocaust survivors on the planet, Edith shares her fascinating take on why, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference,” and also so inspirationally explains how she learnt to turn hate into pity throughout her time at Auschwitz. 

After suffering unimaginable horrors including the loss of her parents, imprisonment and torture, Edith realised that freedom, when it came, was much more than being outside the gates of the heinous death camp and was actually a battle within her own mind.

After a decade of suffering from crippling survivor’s guilt, Edith trained as a psychologist, reclaiming her own power and enabling her to work with patients to help them choose to free themselves from their own thoughts to ultimately liberate them. 

Edith shares with Holly her first-hand account of her time living through the Holocaust, a story that is almost unbearably hard to hear and yet one in which Edith’s enduring spirit, wisdom and love shine brightly through the darkness.

This is a must-hear episode, as Edith is one of our last living survivors able to share her perception of such a terrible times in history. Edith teaches us the most valuable of life lessons and in her very own words – “What happens to us in life is not the most important thing. Rather the most important thing is what we do with our lives.”

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