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Restoring life through doing what you love, with Jay Blades, presenter & founder of Jay & Co

What happens, when in a split second, you lose your business and your marriage? Jay Blades shares his story of hitting rock bottom, to find his way back to happiness, by sharing his vulnerability and allowing someone else to lift him up.

Brought up in inner-city London Jay did not have an easy start in life, but with an entrepreneurial streak from an early age, Jay soon found there was life outside his council estate and he strived for a different life.

A true community leader, Jay has always supported those less fortunate, and provided a caring and nurturing environment, hoping to be a positive male role model for those around him. But living as a man who was never taught to show his emotions and ‘be strong’ Jay found himself at a total loss when faced with dark days.

In this conversation, Jay shares his story from his childhood in London to BBC One’s newest presenter as well the role that the community, kindness and a passion for ‘craft’ has played in building his life after 40.

Uplifting, inspirational and true testament to the strength of human spirit, this conversation is one to be cherished.

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