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October 3, 2022 70mins

Creating an education revolution, with Kate Robinson, Co-Founder of The Creative Revolution, Chief Legacy Officer of We Imagine If, and Co-Director of Never Grey

Imagine if… creativity was as important as literacy, maths or science? What could we, as a species, be capable of achieving if we prioritised it and gave it the right conditions to flourish?

These are questions posed by the late great Sir Ken Robinson. His daughter and closest collaborator Kate Robinson now continues his work which she describes as being a ‘love letter to human potential’ and Holly was lucky enough to meet with her recently.

In this interview, Kate shares her wisdom on how we should be raising the next generation when it comes to their education and allowing them to find the ‘element’ that they love most – a phrase that Holly likens to ‘finding their diamond’.

Kate delves into her own experiences and struggles with the constraints of the education system, and explains how we should be communicating with our young, why university is not the only option to achieve a successful career, and also how the education system is quite literally killing the young people of today. Is there hope for change? You’ll have to listen to find out…

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