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August 3, 2020 62mins
Business For Good, Co-Founders

Creating a cult brand with a conscience, with the founders of Lucy & Yak

If the key to unlocking long term societal change is with businesses who have purpose, then Lucy & Yak are leading the way. Founded just three year ago by Chris and Lucy, the brand has seen exponential growth since 2017 with their cult following for their dungarees.

Their journey started when they made their first 100 pairs of dungarees and set off for India to find their manufacturer. They knew from day one, that they would settle for nothing less that a factory who upheld the same ethical and sustainable values as theirs.

Changing the face of fashion, and building a community of truly conscious consumers, this conversation covers their journey, as well as topical discussion around societal and cultural issues such as fast fashion and working conditions faced by those working in clothes factories is Leicester.

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