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February 13, 2023 76mins
Female Founders

Banishing the taboos surrounding womanhood, with Michelle Kennedy, founder and CEO of Peanut

Have you ever been in need of a safe space to share your most personal questions or concerns as a woman and just not known where to turn?

If so, it’s an experience shared by many — especially the 2.5 million people who’ve joined Peanut; the groundbreaking app set up by Michelle Kennedy to ensure that no woman ever has to navigate womanhood alone.

Whether it’s to connect, form friendships or just to have really open conversations with other women about the complicated areas of fertility, menopause and motherhood to name a few, Peanut is a platform that’s enabled positive progress for many.

Michelle talks to Holly about the ignition of her business idea following a successful career in the dating industry at Badoo and Bumble, navigating the world of tech as a female, and how she believes each of us has a responsibility to change the dialogue around the challenges that occur, for future generations.

Dubbed ‘the village for the digital age’, Peanut is a powerful force and one that is breaking down the modern taboos around womanhood, whichever stage of life we are at. Listen to find out how to join the movement, too…

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