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Revolutionising the way we eat with Mindful Chef founders Myles Hopper and Giles Humphries

Holly meets Mindful Chef Founders Myles and Giles this week for a wonderfully inspirational interview. This episode hear’s these two founders openly discussing their business highs and lows over the last 5 years, but also how a ‘giving’ mentality can transform a weekly recipe box into a true force for good.

In this conversation you’ll hear how these two went from packing their boxes to navigating a successful round of crowdfunding. And how exciting it is as a small business, using the power of your customers and community as your biggest and most powerful marketing tool. I hope that this episode will inspire just so many small businesses listening. You too can make a difference, and maybe even start that B-Corp journey like us here at Holly & Co – why not even give back to those in need!

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