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April 26, 2021 58mins
British Brands, Business For Good

Let’s talk about salary, with Natalie Campbell, CEO of Belu Water

Natalie Campbell, CEO of Belu Water is the very embodiment of female empowerment.

After deciding at 15 that her life’s mission was to be a CEO (thanks to Puff Daddy), she embarked on her journey with such drive and determination that she started her own business at the age of 19.

With a personal ethos around finding your ‘why’ and a philosophy that if it feels ‘too much’ then take a step back and breathe. Natalie has lived her life with agency, for herself, to be her best self, on her own terms.

She openly discusses her 6 figure salary and tells Holly that the only way we will be able to close the gender pay gap is by empowering women to talk openly about their salaries and to be confident in the value they bring.

She embodies the entrepreneurial mindset and runs at walls, knowing that she will do whatever it takes to get around them, through them, over them or under them – with whatever it takes.

With a personal mission to create a world where people can feel good, do good and live better, Natalie’s career is defined by her ability to change the unchangeable and to see possibility always.

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