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Finding your niche, with Neal Whittington founder of Present & Correct

A lifelong obsession was ignited when Neal Whittington was given a £7 WHSmith voucher as a child. Neal has since gone on to carve his own niche in stationery with his brand ‘Present and Correct’ and amassed legions of fans with his beautifully curated collections, mixing vintage with new, tapping into our nostalgia and our own ‘human-ness’ to connect beyond technology and screens.

In this episode, Neal shares his journey to leaving behind his day job as a designer and embarking upon a new path to turn his passion for pens, pencils and paperclips into a thriving business. Holly and Neal discuss the allure of a physical product at a time when our lives are dominated by technology, what it really means to have a ‘good life’ business and how being niche might just be your superpower.

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