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November 14, 2022 71mins
Female Founders

A business founded from grit and determination, with Nicola Elliott, founder of Neom Organics

How do you build a disruptive brand in a new sector, whilst keeping it accessible for all?

In this episode, Nicola Elliot shares her lessons as she recounts her story building the cult status, well-being brand Neom Organics.

Growing up in Yorkshire, a self declared naughty child, Nicola carved out a glittering career in advertising in her twenties before burn out forced her to refocus her energies in a different direction.

Nicola recounts the early days of Neom, the risks, the setbacks, and challenges she faced, as well as the early green shoots of success that followed, catapulting the business to iconic status.

Neom is a brand that in Nicola’s words has been built brick by brick, and ignited the movement for natural, environmentally friendly well-being products. Nicola explains that Neom’s products are for those that are “just trying to do our best” for ourselves and the environment.

Nicola’s success story is a result of pure determination, and she shares with Holly how in her opinion, it is our responsibility as parents to teach our children to have strength and grit as a form of protection.

It’s a conversation that prompts all of us to remember that building a brand is so much more than a final destination, and that how we get there is every bit as important.

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