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18th November 2019 73mins
Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health, whilst running a business, with Owen O’Kane

Owen O'Kane, author of Ten to Zen and a trained Psychologist, joins Holly at the Holly & Co HQ for this week's conversation. This episode centres around Owen's personal path to happiness, as well as how business owners need to put into place simple strategies to help with the stresses and inner critical voice that can hold you back. Owen has been on an incredible journey through life and this episode is an emotional listen. You'll hear how Owen spent his childhood dodging the violence on the streets of 1970s Belfast, the pain of being bullied as well as Owen's struggle with his sexual identity.  A magical and up and down journey from priest to author, Owen shares his words of advice on how as business owners we can put into practice some of his knowledge on protecting our own mental health.

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