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20th September 2021
British Brands, Holly’s Picks

Building the ultimate family business, with Sir John Timpson, owner of Timpson

Sir John Timpson, chairman and owner of Timpson is the very embodiment of building a business with family truly at its heart and kindness as a guiding principle.

Hailing from a very long line of entrepreneurs, five generations of the Timpson family have been involved in the business that bears their name, business has always been in the blood.

Recognised for his creative approach to employee recruitment and his innovative work helping ex-offenders re-enter the workplace, John shares how fostering a staggering 90 children has influenced his business and his generosity of spirit shines brightly.

A true champion of our high streets, John talks to Holly about how he believes the high street can be rejuvenated, the importance of personality when hiring, and that above all else, you can have a brilliant business and still be kind, a mantra shared by John’s late wife Alex and is lived each day through Timpson.

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